Suleyman Atakul

I'm Süleyman Atakul

Software Engineer

Turkey, Ankara

Hello! My name is Süleyman Atakul. I am a Software Developer specializing in back end development. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for object oriented programming. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including Java, C#, and C++. Strong background in project management and customer relations.

Proffessional Skills

Android 90%
Java 85%
C++ 80%
C# 75%
HTML & CSS 70%
Javascript 70%
PHP & MySQL 70%


Finans Takibi (2017)


Finans Takibi Android Mobile App

Track major global indices, stocks, bonds, commodities, Forex, interest rates, futures and options.

Add your favorite financial instruments and their holdings to your portfolio.
Build your own customized watchlist and keep track of stock quotes, currencies, commodities, indices, ETFs and bonds

Breaking news, videos, updates and analysis on global financial markets, as well as technology, politics and business.
Be the first to read the latest on stocks, Forex, commodities, and global economy.

Good Parents (2018)


GoodParents Android Mobile App

Takipteyim (2016)


Takipteyim Android Mobile App

- With this app, you can keep track of any product you want, which are sold over the internet.
- Create a watch list for any items you want to track and add to application.
- Add product to watch list using the browser.
- You can determine the expected value for the products.
- Switch Active to receive notifications when the price of a product less than or equal to the expected value.
- You can search products as you like.
- You can examine the search result by going to the web page.
- You can also add immediately to your watch list.
- For the price synchronization and notification, activate these situations from the left drawer.
- Now these products are to be followed for you and you will be notified when the price falls to the expected value :)

Work Experience


Summer Internship

Turk Telekominikasyon A. S.


Summer Internship

Information Technologies and Communication Authority

08/2013 - 07/2014

Part Time Software Engineer

MIYA Software Solutions

07/2014 - 06/2015

Software Engineer

PROYA Software and Trade INC.

06/2015 - 02/2016

Software Engineer

Key Internet Services LTD. ŞTİ.

02/2016 - 11/2017

Avionic Software Engineer

BITES - Defence & Aerospace Technologies

11/2017 - 03/2018

Application Development Specialist


07/2018 - up to present

Software Engineer

Mebitech A.S.


2003 - 2007

H.S. Science

Nermin Mehmet Cekic Anatolian High School

2008 - 2010

A.A. Public Relations

Anadolu University

2010 - 2013

B.S. Business Administration

Anadolu University

2008 - 2014

B.S. Computer Science

Ankara University

2015 - ...

M.S. Computer Science

Ankara University

My Interests

  • Bicycling
  • Watch Movies
  • Skating
  • Shopping
  • Playing Tennis
  • Playing Bowling
  • Swimming

Contact Me

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Turkey, Ankara
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